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The Girls of Collingwood's - Book One
school tales of discipline & corporal punishment
By: Jacqueline Scott

Published: Mar 04, 2017
Words: 29,841
Orientation: F/F
Category: school
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Price: $3.49
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Pamela Jameson is the Deputy Head of Collingwood's School for Girls, a small, exclusive English boarding school. Her first task is to reverse a deteriorating trend in discipline, and she rises to the challenge, armed with slipper, paddle and cane, encouraging the other staff to follow her example. Though she proves herself to be a strict disciplinarian, Miss Jameson also develops an empathy with the girls and has their well-being at heart.

This book portrays boarding school life, discipline and camaraderie; it is packed with sore bottomed girls who are spanked for their tardiness and unruly behaviour. It seems the pupils of Collingwood's just can't seem to keep out of trouble. Breaking school rules, running in the corridor, smoking and gambling, the end result is always the same... corporal punishment is administered over regulation knickers or on bare bottoms, and for the most serious offences, the miscreants are given the cane.

The following stories are included in this compilation: Be Careful What You Wish For; A New Teacher; Harassed Teachers and Sore Pupils; A Good Spanked Bottom; Be Careful Who You Play Poker With; The Old Summerhouse; and A Teacher in Trouble.