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Spanking His Slave Girl
By: Rue Chapman

Published: Dec 24, 2016 (2nd ed)
Words: 22,379
Orientation: M/F
Category: fantasy
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Price: $2.99
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Slave Training: Sharid takes possession of a new slave - a wilful, disobedient and lazy girl named Liri, who is as disrespectful to her new master as she was to her previous master. Sharid examines her, and then gives her some well deserved correction with a bamboo switch. Liri receives further spankings for disobedience, and then her new master possesses her body. After ten days with Sharid, Liri has learnt the various positions required of a slave, and has earned herself regular punishments. Basically lazy, she rests instead of washing clothes, and deliberately tips the tub of hot water on to one of the servants - which earns her a fierce session with her master's belt, leaving her sore, and on top of that she has to endure another ten strokes delivered by the servant she scalded. She is also punished for lying to her master.

Sharid is still angry with Liri; he orders her to be waxed, and she has to serve the evening meal for his guests. Liri realises she has to endure whatever the guests do to her - that is her real punishment. Liri has one last chance to learn how to be a good slave. Fearing she will be banished from her master and given away, Liri relishes the remaining days - and is overjoyed when Sharid finally makes his decision.

Master and Slave: Slave prepares herself for her new Master, desperate to please him. He surveys her, and gives her a physical examination, and then the punishment begins, interspersed with more pleasurable sensations. Then the pain begins again and slave does her best to endure it, wondering what her fate will be with this man she is most anxious to please...

Publisher's Note: This book contains scenes of severe correction. Please do not buy this book if such material is likely to offend.