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Return of the Disciplinarian
By: Frank Martinet

Published: Nov 12, 2016
Words: 52,717
Orientation: M/F (mainly)
Category: general
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Price: $3.79
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Following graduation from university, Marty returns to his roots, to the sleepy little town of Dornbrook. It is here that, much to his surprise, his services as a disciplinarian are required. It begins when he helps out his neighbour by providing some much needed discipline to the sulky Rebecca. News of his caning technique quickly travels, and he soon finds he is much in demand. His next assignment is strapping and paddling two naughty eighteen-year-old twins, with another appointment the following week to introduce them to the cane. When the attractive Jean Wells pays Marty a visit, it turns out that she is a masochist needing discipline - and the dungeon in the basement of her house is the perfect place for it to be carried out. Kim is next, a pretty Asian girl who takes a hard caning.

And it doesn't stop there ... Marty becomes extremely busy, and even better, he gets paid for his expert services by a wide range of eager clients. It seems he can make a lucrative business out of disciplining wayward young ladies (and some older ones too), and he embraces his new role.

Publisher's note: This book contains sexual scenes, S/M themes, and descriptions of severe punishment. Please do not buy this book if such material is likely to offend.