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Punished by the Priest on Paradise Island
By: W. Arthur

Published: Nov 25, 2016
Words: 31,916
Orientation: M/F
Category: general, historical
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Price: $2.99
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The year is 1542, and when the Spanish ship, La Clava, bound for Minorca flounders in a storm, Rodrigo Cantrell is flung overboard and is eventually washed up on the island of Cabrera. To his surprise and delight he discovers the island is populated exclusively by 21 women from a religious order.

Seizing his opportunity, Rodrigo lies and tells Sister Margaret he is a priest ... she has no way of knowing that the reason he was on board La Clava was because he had been exiled for lewd behaviour. Thus the self-ordained Father Cantrell truly enters paradise as he becomes the spiritual leader of his female flock. No sin goes unpunished. No act of contrition goes unrewarded. Rodrigo enthusiastically grants absolution by discipline, followed by the deflowering of virgins. It seems that several of the sisters feel so much better with regular sex and a throbbing, well-spanked bottom.

Having taken a particular interest in Sister Margaret, Rodrigo is hopeful that in time, she too might come to him...