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Tales of Female Chastisement: Volume 2
By: Rick Marlowe

Published: Mar 09, 2017
Words: 24,427
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This second volume of stories includes another assortment of naughty females in need of disciplinary measures...

A Very Naughty 'Schoolgirl': Skye arrives late for her appointment, is not wearing regulation uniform, and has not completed her written assignment. Her client is not impressed and subjects her to a series of rather painful spankings. Following an evening of great sex, they end up spending the night together.

Teacher Conference: Concerned that his daughter may be the subject of bullying, a worried father goes to meet her teacher. Having struggled to get his point across, he ends up putting the teacher over his knee for a spanking with a ruler. Despite her initial protests, it soon becomes clear she is extremely turned on.

The Ping Pong Game: A game of ping pong takes an interesting turn when Kurt's girlfriend suggests that the winner gets to paddle the opponent.

Tech Support: At work, computer services technician, Zack, discovers some particularly interesting data on the vice-president's PC, and decides to take advantage of it. Having read her hidden 'spnk' folder, he knows just what she needs.

A Soldier's Wife: When Richie gets called up to go fight in Iraq, his best friend, Zeke, promises to look after his wife until he returns. She proves to be something of a handful until one day Zeke decides he has had enough and a spanking is in order...

Having it All: Therese and Jason have it all but having enjoyed a very active sex life they have started to become bored with each other... that is until they discover that Therese loves to be taken over Jason's knee for a spanking.

Carrie's Financial Manager: Carrie's finances are a mess, and having got into debt she asks her friend, Beth, for a loan. Beth's husband agrees to loan her the money but subject to an agreement which includes Carrie being paddled if she overspends...

Souvenir Paddle: At a yard sale a young couple discover a wooden paddle. The husband is keen to try it before he buys and so his wife is upended over his lap while the paddle is given a workout.

The Last Straw: Zeke's wife, Regina, is habitually late for everything. One night, while waiting for her to get ready to leave for the opera, he decides enough is enough, and takes her over his knee for a long overdue spanking.

Spanking for Dollars: As part of a reality TV show called 'Spanking Camera', a young couple are offered a substantial sum of money if the wife will let herself be spanked by her husband. However, after each spanking they are offered extra money to take things further - where will it all end?

One of Those Days: Donna's day goes from bad to worse when she ends up getting one spanking after another, beginning with a slippering from her husband in the morning and ending with a dose of the janitor's belt at college in the evening.

Trust Me: A sensual and erotic story involving a woman who is unexpectedly spanked by her lover with a wooden spoon, culminating in great sex.