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The Spanking Digest: Issue 8
a journal of spanking fiction
By: LSF Publications

Published: Aug 03, 2016
Words: 25,211
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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Celebrating diversity in spanking fiction, this issue of The Spanking Digest features the following stories:

Do You Make Exceptions, Sir? by Colin Daniels: The beautiful 18-year-old Natalia is head girl of the school and the darling of all the teachers. So why is she reporting herself for smoking and almost begging to be caned? Might there be a hidden agenda? Either way, it looks like she's going to be on the receiving end of the Principal's rod.

Aunt Elizabeth's Parlor by Art Zeeton: In this period piece, Aggie and her Aunt Elizabeth are doing needlepoint when the talk turns to being single and the needs of the flesh. Aggie is surprised by Elizabeth's revelation that her needs are not those of most women, and she is shocked when her aunt arranges for one of her servants to bare her bottom prior to administering a riding crop and then later, six strokes of the cane. Aggie is intrigued and decides to observe, but is that enough for the young woman?

Haunted and Spanked by Karl Quentin: With her aunt close to death, twenty-two-year-old Denise goes to visit and spend what little time she has left with her. In the old lonely house set deep in the woods she awakes to find two ghostly male figures looking down at her. The master tells his servant to spank her, and after they disappear, Denise is left sore and frightened. It seems that she may be destined to suffer such spankings indefinitely unless she can break the curse that follows the female line in her family.

Disciplinary Confections by Steve Rayer: Seemingly less gifted than her twin sister, Rosie does charity work by cleaning Mr Havergal's apartment every week. During the rest of the time she works at a bakers making delicious cakes. One day she knocks over and breaks a valuable vase and goes home without admitting it. The next day, however, Mr Havergal confronts Rosie and subjects her bare bottom to its first ever spanking with a hairbrush.

What Had to Be Done by Sennett Lefevre: Hanna, a bright law school student, has been caught cheating on her midterm exam. To save her from a hearing before the Honor Council and certain expulsion, Professor Harke makes arrangements with the Dean to handle it himself. Later, bent over his desk, Hanna receives ten strokes of the paddle.

One of the Good Signs by David James: The Reverend Walker and his parishioner friend Bill have a lot in common, including a mutual interest in seeing Bill's 18-year-old daughter and her friend, Celia, punished, which is usually administered in the form of a swishy rattan cane across their bare bottoms.