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A Real Man for Ruth
a mail order bride romance
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Aug 02, 2016
Words: 30,386
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance, historical
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Price: $3.49
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This is the story of a woman who embarks on a new life with a man she grows to love. The year is 1890, and following the death of her parents, Ruth has a decision to make concerning her future. She needs a husband. The suitors in her home town in England are unsuitable and unappealing; what she wants is a real man, such as the ones in the American West she has read about in dime novels... so she emigrates to the United States to find one.

Shortly after arriving in New York, she goes to a matrimonial agency, and after an exchange of letters, agrees to marry a man in Colorado by the name of Amos Masters. He is a handsome, masterful yet kind man, and Ruth is most impressed with the big cowboy. They marry and she happily settles down into his household. But it isn't long before she discovers Amos believes in firm discipline. Not only does he spank his sister Elizabeth, he also proposes to spank his new wife if she is disrespectful or disobedient. One of the things Ruth is not permitted to do is touch his gun collection ... but being the daughter of a gunsmith, she does exactly that. Ruth fails to inform her husband that she is a trained gunsmith, and when he discovers her capabilities during a conflict, Amos has much to be thankful for...