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Domestic Discipline behind Closed Doors
By: Art Zeeton

Published: Oct 02, 2016
Words: 70,626
Orientation: M/F, F/F
Category: domestic discipline
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Price: $4.99
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This special Omnibus Edition consisting of over 70,000 words features the previously published novellas The Bends and Camp Briarswitch:

The Bends: The Willowbends Homeowners' Association, known as The Bends, is a luxurious, private, gated community which is one of a kind. Why? Because The Bends is the impressive communal backdrop within which all residents of this secure community embrace rigorously imposed domestic discipline. Such activities happen behind closed doors, and also publicly at the varied functions hosted by the Homeowners' Association, demonstrating many creative methods of punishment and humiliation... such as the monthly March of the Miscreants. Delivered by hand, crop, paddle, hairbrush and cane, ruler and whip and more, spankings are a necessary and accepted way of life in The Bends, and an intriguing outlet for those people who are rich, bored, and with time on their hands.

Newcomers are slowly acclimatized to this very special way of life, and in the fullness of time discover that The Bends has it's own unique form of currency... Things are not always what they seem to be on the surface, and there are secrets to be explored.

With its masterful plot twists and turns and realistic character portrayals, The Bends is a writing tour de force. Stimulating, sensual, titillating and entertaining, read on to discover precisely how the reality of domestic discipline far outweighs the fantasy in this very special environment.

Camp Briarswitch: When Nancy Bowen and her nineteen year old daughter Lilli find themselves stranded in a heavy rainstorm, they spot a 'Private' sign, and beyond it, something that looks like a motel, by the name of 'Camp Briarswitch'. They plead with the security man at the gate to allow them to stay the night, and eventually he reluctantly agrees. Following a problem with Nancy's Visa card, Lilli learns her mother's little secret, and soon discovers that Camp Briarswitch is not an ordinary motel at all ... it is a private resort for people who enjoy spanking and discipline, a place which has its own unique set of rules. One of these rules forbids women from wearing anything from the waist down after five o'clock, or at any time in the commons area of the camp. So the two new arrivals join the other women and experience corporal punishment laced with humiliation. This is a place where inhibitions are discarded, a place where sex and spankings go hand in hand, a place in which all the residents embrace rigorously imposed domestic discipline.