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Discipline & Humiliation in Tennessee
the spanking adventures of helen & sandy
By: Ken Burke

Published: Dec 10, 2016
Words: 64,184
Orientation: F/F, M/F
Category: domestic discipline, school
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Price: $4.49
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With just under 65,000 words, this special Omnibus Edition features the previously published Sandy's Spanking Adventure and its sequel, Helen's Spanking Adventure:

Sandy's Spanking Adventure: At the age of 30, Sandra has always fantasized about getting spanked, and when she tells her friend Helen about it, a very interesting proposition ensues ... Sandy agrees to stay with Helen and Trish (Helen's niece) for eight weeks and pose as a 17-year-old who will be on the receiving end of real Tennessee discipline. She agrees to abide by Helen's strict house rules, knowing that breaking them (which she does - often) will result in a sound spanking with a special paddle engraved with her name. It quickly becomes apparent that Helen does not hesitate to punish Trish, and it isn't long before Sandy experiences her first spanking. Sandy's discipline continues both at home and at a private school were she joins the cheerleading squad; she is subjected to various humiliating ordeals, many of them in front of others ... only to discover she becomes highly aroused by the embarrassing situations she finds herself in. Even with a permanently sore bottom, Sandy has the best eight weeks of her life, turning her fantasies into reality!

Helen's Spanking Adventure: When Helen gets the opportunity to go and stay with relatives in their cabin in the Tennessee mountains, she jumps at the chance... partly because Sandy, her former college roommate will be there, and partly because she wants to witness Linda and Paul's disciplinary regime. Sandy has enthusiastically agreed to be subject to the couple's discipline, and before long, Helen also gets to join in the fun, but as a spankee not a spanker. This is a new role for Helen, and she gets to experience some very creative and humiliating punishments which she finds a huge sexual turn on. Verbal chastisements, public scoldings, public punishments, and standing in the corner with her bare bottom on display are things she finds deliciously humiliating, and then there are the visits to the woodshed...

Helen is made to strip naked and walk to the woodshed, where she is then bent over the sawhorse to sample Paul's razor strop. This is followed by mouth soapings, strappings and paddlings, and an eventful encounter with three sorority girls. All in all, it is a trip to remember, and Helen returns home with a rosy red bottom and many exciting memories...

Publisher's Note: This omnibus includes anal play, explicit sexual scenes and humiliation. Please don't buy this book if such material is likely to cause offence.