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Second Childhood by Choice
an age regression novella
By: Peter Martin

Published: Jul 16, 2016
Words: 18,695
Orientation: F/F
Category: ageplay
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Price: $2.99
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A grown woman of 24, Emma yearns to experience being a pre-teen again in a household where strict discipline plays a prominent part of family life. Her own parents were very lax with her, so when she confides her secret fantasy to Stephanie, a mother of two, she is excited when Stephanie offers to be her pseudo mother and disciplinarian for a time. This means she will be treated like a twelve-year-old girl, dress appropriately for that age, go to bed early, do her homework, and be subject to a strict regime where any infractions are dealt with firmly by a sound spanking, followed by the humiliation of standing bare-bottomed in the corner to think about why she has been punished.

Emma soon settles into her new role, and endures many spankings by hand and hairbrush, which has her kicking and squirming like the naughty girl she truly is. Even though she often has a sore bottom, she sometimes deliberately misbehaves so that she can get even more spankings!