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sex and spanking with an older woman
By: Paul Bailey

Published: Jul 07, 2016 (2nd ed)
Words: 26,286
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This highly sexual tale tells of a 31-year-old submissive man besotted with the glamorous Jo - a sensual, dominant and successful businesswoman almost twenty years his senior. They each live separately, Jo conducting a lot of business from home, making him jealous. She does however claim to love him and enjoys making heavy sexual demands on him which he adores. She embraces the dominant role and is turned on by her lover's subservience, and is intent on establishing a regime of regular punishments for her younger boyfriend.

His first caning is given for his jealousy of Jo's other lover, Eric, which hurts but excites him greatly. He now gets caned regularly. Another variation is when the formidable Rita is invited to dinner and joins in the proceedings, bringing with her a very vicious cane. When Eric reappears on the scene, his presence stirs up the insane jealousy again, but in spite of this, the young lover cannot bear to stay away, even when he is subjected to harsh punishment. But after a falling out with Eric, Jo finds a new friend called Richard who is more than willing to deliver corporal punishment to her eager young lover. Thus it continues...