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Rescuing Lilly & Montana Escape
a western romance omnibus
By: Hallie Miller

Published: Jul 05, 2016
Words: 81,581
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance
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Price: $5.99
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This special Omnibus Edition features the previously published western romances, Rescuing Lilly and Montana Escape:

Rescuing Lilly: Re-evaluating her life following a failed relationship, Lilly acts on a whim - she packs her bags, gets in the car, and drives across country in the sweltering July heat of Texas. Her car breaks down on a remote stretch of the highway, and things go from bad to worse when she burns her hand and runs out of water. Her rescuer is handsome rancher Jake Hackett, a strong-willed and somewhat high-handed man who is used to being obeyed. Lilly brings out his protective side, and he insists on taking her back to his ranch when she is released from hospital so that he can look after her. But he hasn't bargained on Lilly's independent and tempestuous nature, and Lilly has never before encountered such a dominant man who needs to take control. A romance blossoms between the two, but sparks fly when Lilly realises she can't get her own way all the time - and a series of spankings follow! Learning to do as she is told is difficult for Lilly, and her defiance puts her in danger ... it is then that she realises just how much Jake means to her. Could it be that at last she has found the right man for her? And does Jake feel the same way...?

Montana Escape: Anxious to get out of an abusive relationship, Sammy goes to see her best friend, Anna, travelling from Baltimore to a fabulous ranch in rural Montana where Anna lives with her fianc, Gabe. Anna is so excited about Sammy's visit that Gabe has to calm her down a little and remind her that she will still get spanked if she doesn't behave herself! Sammy soon settles in to her new routine and is surprised and pleased to meet Gabe's best friend, Mason. As well as being one hot guy, he is also the local sheriff.

Sammy's visit is gradually extended, and Anna slowly discovers Sammy's secrets - the boyfriend James who was at first so charming and kind turned into a violent brute, and Sammy took the opportunity to get out of town while he was in jail. Sammy tries to put the past firmly behind her as she begins to form a new relationship with Mason, but freaks out when she learns not only that Gabe and Anna have a domestic discipline relationship, but that Mason wants the same type of relationship with her! However, as her trust with Mason deepens, she finds that being spanked isn't so bad - and can even be quite enjoyable! Life is good for Sammy, until a threat from the past returns. But Sammy is no longer alone; she has good friends and Mason to protect her now ... but will he be in time?