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The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls
a 3 volume box set
By: Paul Jackson

Published: Jun 23, 2016
Words: 91,170
Orientation: M/F
Category: school
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Price: $6.99
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This 3 volume box set containing over 91,000 words, features the following:

A Visit to the Headmaster: It's assembly at Grayfriars school and the Headmaster is not in the best of moods. He calls out the names of eight sixth form girls, including two prefects, who are to report to his study immediately. The first six receive the cane on their hands whilst the final two are made to touch their toes and are caned on their bottoms.

When the New Embraces the Old: Mr Wymark is one of the old guard of teachers at Grays Academy. Close to retirement. On learning that Demi Pearce, the best-looking girl in the sixth form, has not done her assignment, instructs her to remain behind after class. Bent over his desk, Demi receives a painful slippering. The following day, Miss Charles, the recently appointed no-nonsense Headmistress, is the one handing out the punishment when she administers a prolonged bare bottom hand spanking to another sixth form girl.

The Further Education of Miss Mathews: Eighteen-year-old Amanda Mathews is lazy, disrespectful, and frequently rude towards her ageing neighbour. She enrols at the Fraser Further Education College but frequently doesn't attend lectures, and fails to complete her assignments. Her luck runs out when she is caught passing counterfeit bank notes and, rather than be reported to the police, she accepts two sessions of corporal punishment from the Principal.

Memories of Westminster Lodge: Bored housewife, Cheryl Walker, has been cheating on her husband. While out walking near Westminster Lodge, the private school she attended some years ago, she unexpectedly meets an old school friend and they recollect in some detail the time they were both subject to bare bottom canings by the headmaster for causing mischief during a school trip.

The Housemasters' Punishment: This intense tale describes the caning of three sixth-form schoolgirls. One by one they are summoned and made to bend over a lowered beam in the gym. Then, with a brief run up, each of four housemasters gives them a single stroke of a suitably whippy cane, the humiliating punishment taking place in the presence of the school's head boy.

No Other Way: Oakely, a private day school originally just for boys, has now begun admitting girls for the first time, and headmaster David Locke soon finds himself in a difficult situation when the daughter of Mrs Brewer, the school's head of maths, earns herself a caning.

Called to the Front of the Class: On the way to meet a prospective client, company owner Ryan Ferris finds himself outside the gates of his old school. He vividly recalls the events in which the two loves of his life at the time, Chelsea Sanderson and Jasmine Cooper, were both brought to the front of the class and caned by the overbearing English master, Mr Sprake.

Sixth Formers are Exempt: When Lauren Miller, a sixth form student at Seven Hills Comprehensive, is accused of assaulting one of the younger boys, she is summoned to see Mark Byfield, the school's dishy head of P.E. who she has a crush on. Unhappy at the prospect of being suspended, she reluctantly agrees to accept a slippering from the P.E. teacher, even though sixth formers such as herself are intended to be exempt from corporal punishment.

In Front of the School: Having been caught throwing paint stripper up the walls of the school's recently refurbished drama studio, sixth former Stacey Randall is sentenced to six strokes of the cane in front of the entire school at assembly.