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Women who Spank Men: Volume 16
domestic F/M femdom stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: May 21, 2016
Words: 25,205
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This volume in the Women who Spank Men series contains another diverse collection of domestic femdom spanking tales:

Aunt Edith by Stephen de Medici: When Stephen's formidable Aunt Edith pays him a visit, he is horrified to discover that he had accidentally sent her a Christmas card with a nude photo of himself being caned by his wife. He is soon made to regret his error when his wife and aunt collaborate to punish him with a hairbrush and a whippy nylon cane.

The Boyfriend by Nigel Wolstenholm: Hoping to find a dominant woman to meet his particular needs, Timothy puts a carefully worded advert on the internet. Eventually, he gets the reply he was hoping for and, after a brief exchange of emails, he goes to his date's house for dinner. Later that eveening, his bottom bared and his wrists restrained, he is subjected to a vigorous hairbrush spanking...

The Best Employment Option by Ryan Rowland: Having moved back to her hometown, 24-year-old Tricia is in need of a job. When she visits Ken, a prospective employer, he offers her a position but then puts his arm round her waist and pats her bottom! Incensed, Tricia spanks him with his own belt, which she finds quite a turn-on. It appears, however, that what Ken really needs is an assertive, no-nonsense female who will put him in his place via maternal-style corporal punishment.

Anatomy of a Switching by Rick Onolanke: When Vicky discovers that her boyfriend has visited a strip bar and lied about it to her, she gives him a choice: accept that their relationship is over, or take a switching from her.

Birthday Blues by Michael Sharpe: On his 18th birthday, Roger's friend Jen persuades him to break the school rules and go to the pub at lunchtime. Unfortunately, his visit is discovered and he is summoned to see the Headmistress who offers him two options: he can either be suspended or accept a spanking from Mrs Durham, the rather attractive school secretary.

He Left Porn on Mom's Computer by Louis Woodley: When 18-year-old Franklin's laptop is away for repair, he uses his mother's computer to view porn sites, but fails to cover his tracks. When his mother discovers what he has done she sends him upstairs to await her and the belt.

The Piano Lesson by J Wackford Colton: After a hard day at work, Jonathan attends his weekly piano lesson with Susan, a rather strict piano teacher. While waiting, he believes that he can hear the distinctive sounds of a bottom being spanked, and later, when he fails to play his scales correctly, he is bent over the piano stool for a dose of the cane... or at least that's how it appears...