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The Disciplined Male - Volume 5
By: W. Arthur

Published: Aug 17, 2017
Words: 25,796
ASIN: B074W38C5H
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This compilation features a collection of femdom stories in which men find themselves on the receiving end of strict discipline from dominant women:

The House of the Descending Moon: Julia Travis believes that hard working men should have their amusement, which she provides in her bordello in West Texas. The House of the Descending Moon is a well run and popular establishment, but the patrons must comply with the notice on the door which reads: 'Married men must have permission from their wives to enter'. Jim Foster forges a note from his wife and takes his pleasure, but when his wife shows up and causes a scene, his duplicity is unmasked, and Julia Travis does not take kindly to such behaviour. She roasts Jim's bottom, giving his wife a few ideas of how to keep her errant husband in check.

My Best Friend's Mother: A young man has the hots for his friend's mother, the beautiful, sexy, Mrs Foster. Convinced she is coming on to him, he goes round to help her do chores in her back yard, and later tries to kiss her. It is then he realises his mistake ... Mrs Foster is angered by his advances. She phones his mother, then puts him over her lap and whacks his bare bottom with a fearsome hairbrush. Nor does it end there, as when he gets home it is to find his mother waiting to spank him with a wooden spoon.

To Catch a Panty Thief: After discovering that some of their panties were missing, room-mates Jill and Bethany go round to Stacey's apartment asking if their laundry has got muddled with hers. But when Stacey tells them she too is missing several pairs of panties, the three women decide to catch the panty thief in the act. They do exactly that, and the perpetrator of the crime is severely paddled with a hairbrush, given an enema, and shoved out of the apartment with a threat never to return.

Only in His Dreams: John has a successful career and a good marriage with his wife, Cassie. But there is something missing: he misses his mother's discipline with her old hairbrush. He confesses his desire to be disciplined again to Cassie, asking her if she will give him what he craves, but she doesn't take him seriously even though he repeats his request over the years. At the age of forty, John Decides to do something about it and books and appointment with Lady Abigail for the spanking of his life. But he gets far more than a spanking...

Rosa: An upstanding Christian woman, Rosa has a very low opinion of men. She travels to Las Vegas in order to help her sister Elena pay off her debts and turn her life around, but never manages to return to New Mexico and resume her old life. Whilst working as Housekeeper at a top hotel, she incensed that her flirty sister is about to be exploited by one of the male, married guests. Bursting in on the couple, she puts a heavy oak hairbrush to good use, and has an unexpected epiphany in the process.

Sunday Morning Ritual: Bertram is constantly breaking promises to his long-suffering wife, Caroline. He doesn't actually mean to get drunk every Saturday night, but somehow he ends up with a massive hangover on Sunday mornings, and feels guilty and ashamed of himself. Caroline reinforces her displeasure by spanking him before church. But one Sunday morning, after a particularly hard punishment session over his wife's lap, Bert vows to change his ways.