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Spanked by Her Brother - Book 4
By: Breanna Carter

Published: Feb 16, 2017
Words: 25,010
Orientation: M/F
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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After the death of her parents, the spirited teenage Brianna lives with her big brother Terrence, and though she loves him and knows he is always looking out for her, she often causes him grief. Firm, fair and loving, Terence disciplines Brianna when she needs it ... which is often. Her friend Anastasia also gets up to mischief, and is spanked by her big brother, Ashton.

Ditching School: Anastasia and her friends decide to skip school. They get in the car but are flagged down by the security guard and sent to the school office. Anastasia's brother is not pleased, and spanks her bare bottom when they get home.

Anastasia's Birthday: Brianna's brother Terrence gives her some money to last her through the entire summer, but she blows the lot in one go, then goes to Ana's birthday party. Both girls earn themselves a spanking for their antics.

Spiffy Big Brother: Ana sneaks a guy into the house, but her brother Ashton catches them petting in the shower. Though Ana gets another spanking, she knows her big brother loves her enough to punish her.

U Drink, U Drive, U Walk: When Zack asks Brianna to go to a party with him, she tries to wriggle out of it then changes her mind. Once there she has an alcoholic drink, and her brother Terrence is furious because she gets in her car to drive home. Another sore bottom is the result ...

Food Fight: Brianna and Anastasia get in to trouble the first day back at school. They mess around in the cafeteria at lunchtime and start a food fight ... and pretty soon everyone else joins in. Later, two very sorry girls each get spanked by their brother.

Lesson Finally Learned: Brianna and her friends go to the mall. They have fun to start with, then everything goes wrong when they are caught stealing from one of the stores. Brianna later pays the price on her bottom.