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Spanked by Her Brother - Book 2
By: Breanna Carter

Published: Jul 07, 2016
Words: 24,598
Orientation: M/F
Category: teen
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Price: $2.99
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After the death of her parents, the spirited teenage Brianna lives with her big brother Terrence, and though she loves him and knows he is always looking out for her, she often causes him grief. Here are some of her stories:

Stolen Car: Not only does Brianna sneak out in the middle of the night, breaking State Curfew, she also takes her brother Terrence's car as well. When she is brought home by the police, she compounds her felony by lying, making it all the worse for her when she eventually owns up.

To The Park: Brianna has a boyfriend. Terrence is fine with that, but still expects her to obey him, and be sensible, especially on school nights. He says that no, Brianna can't go to the park with her boyfriend ... but they go anyway, and Brianna earns herself another spanking.

Concert: Brianna deliberately disobeys Terrence. She sneaks off for a couple of days with her girlfriend; they book a hotel room and take a road trip to attend a rock concert. When Brianna returns home, the inevitable happens, and she pays the price for her disobedience... on her bottom.

Brianna's First Day of School: Brianna is the new girl, but is delighted to be on the soccer team, where she makes friends with Anastasia. As part of an initiation prank, Brianna and Anastasia end up setting off the fire alarm. Both their brothers are called to the school, and later on they each discipline their younger sister.

Anastasia's First Day Of School: It's the first day of school, and Anastasia is in trouble already. She and Brianna get involved in a prank. Like Brianna, Anastasia also has a big brother who takes care of her and spanks her when she's naughty! She thinks Ashton will just lecture her - but she's in for a shock!

Bad Grades: Brianna is surprised and unsettled when Terrence doesn't spank her for her bad grade in English. Still feeling guilty a day later, she asks for a spanking. Terrence agrees and is pleased that she is taking responsibility for her actions.

District Championships: It's the soccer championships, and the girls have to be on their best behaviour. But when Brianna sees a member of the opposing team try to kick her best friend, she sees red and gets herself in trouble again.