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The Kinky Female: Volume 1
spanking fiction by contemporary women authors
By: LSF Publications

Published: Apr 08, 2016
Words: 25,189
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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Some women like nothing better than to be taken over a man's knee and have their bare bottom soundly spanked, but there are some women who like to write about it too. This volume contains the following spanking stories by 8 different contemporary women authors who share the spanking kink...

The Awakening by Abigail Armani: The enigmatic and darkly-handsome Bryn senses a quality in Catrina that intrigues him. He takes her to his home and begins to introduce her to the sensual delights of spanking, continuing her education with the aid of paddle, belt and tawse. These activities plus his intimate touch, awakens the dark hunger that has slept within her... until now.

The Unfortunate Slip by Jessica Kosciuszko: Cheryl is a lawyer and when she gets the name of a beneficiary wrong at a will reading, her husband, Scott, takes her into an empty office and straps her bare bottom. That evening, she has to wear the clothes he has laid out for her - including killer heels and a butt-plug which she wears at the opera. Further sensual punishments include tiger balm, and the evening culminates in a frenzy of sex.

Talk Dirty to Me by Janine Burrell: Tina's brother tells her that men like to hear 'dirty' talk. It sets her thinking, and she does some research on the internet. When her policeman boyfriend hears what she has to say, he is most amused. But when she uses language he can understand, including asking him to spank her, he does not disappoint!

The Whipping Table by Geraldine Hillis: A trip to Inverary Jail and having the Whipping Room to themselves for a while, gives a kinky couple the opportunity to try out the whipping table and birch. Nearly being caught by other tourists soon sends them scurrying to the pub, but later at their hotel there is plenty of time for spanking and the love-making that follows the kiss of the belt. This is certainly a trip to remember.

Halo Adjustment Services by Rosanna Young: John moves into the old Victorian mansion inherited from his grandmother and life suddenly takes a most interesting turn when his elderly neighbour brings round her 30-something granddaughter - and asks him to spank her! It's a fact that divorcee Jill does deserve a spanking - for burning the cakes and swearing loudly. John is only too happy to oblige, and it turns out that this is something Jill has wanted to experience for years. Could it be that these two have an exciting future together...?

Carnaby Calling by Hermione North: Selling housewares door to door often means you see what goes on in secret, behind closed doors. Seeing one of your own products (a very large spoon!) being used as a spanking implement on a bare bottom gives plenty of food for thought. The saleswoman rushes home to her husband and asks for a repeat performance with one of those rather special spoons.

A Gypsy Curse by Carly Burton: Emily is an honest, but oh-so-annoying woman. After she angers a fortune teller, she appears to have been cursed to cheat, incur punishment, and submit to it willingly... but is all as it seems?

Double Trouble by India Heath: Identical twin sisters Eva and Janine decide to play to their strengths. Janine will take Eva's maths exam, and Eva will take Janine's driving test. But things don't quite go according to plan, and when their duplicitous little scheme backfires, both sisters end up sharing very sore bottoms!