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Spanked! - Volume 1
a spanking fiction anthology
By: LSF Publications

Published: Dec 24, 2016
Words: 76,320
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $5.99
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With over 75,000 words and featuring 17 different authors, this anthology of spanking fiction features the following stories:

The Secret Shame of Sarah Jane by Steve Timmons: 20-year-old Sarah Jane's parents have old-fashioned values and are very strict. After it becomes known she has been drinking at a roadhouse she awaits the dreaded strap from her father but when she hears the knock on her bedroom door it's her boyfriend, the Deputy Sheriff, who has agreed to discipline her instead.

Late Summer by Alef Tav: A couple on holiday in a summer house spend their time reading, swimming, sunbathing and making love. He longs to give her a spanking but she just isn't interested. One evening, however, she has to pay a forfeit when she loses a board game...

Angel by Alan Barr: When Kate tries to shoplift at Mark's store, he offers her three alternatives; the police, public humiliation or a spanking. Being a Minister's wife she wants to avoid public shame so chooses the third option. The spanking is very severe but afterwards it seems that Kate has conquered her demons but Mark has not.

First Times in Cagnes-sur-mer by Jessica Kosciuszko: In this tender, erotic love story, 'Lolita' recalls her first full sexual experience many years ago with 'her soldier' Ron in Paris. Some time later, she also experiences her first spanking at his hands...

The Devoted Secretary by Leland Mays: Suffering from work-related stress, senior investment broker, Tyler Morris, asks his secretary, Miss Wiggins, to let him spank her as a means of stress relief. Although reluctant at first, she eventually agrees and Tyler goes from strength to strength. Miss Wigins worries that she is no longer needed but happily she is wrong.

Banishing Guilt by Ryan Rowland: Due to guilt issues associated with sex, Lisa has developed a bad reputation for leading guys on but not delivering. Although Phil takes things very slowly, the same thing happens again. Enraged at being humiliated, Phil spanks Lisa with a bath brush with unexpected results!

Friendly Competition by Fiona Blue: When Stacy meets Roy at a photography class at the local community college a friendship quickly develops, but when she acts like a brat he takes her over his knee and spanks her. Some days later, he spanks her again, but afterwards they head straight for the bedroom! However, when she puts her life at risk during an outdoor shoot, Roy decides that a punishment spanking is called for.

April, May, Julie... and Des Ember by Clifford Dorset: Des Ember is a very strict employer and his staff, April and May, both find themselves being caned on the same day. They also both get extra strokes, requested by one of them and earned by the other. After work, Des and Julie meet to play their own spanking games, leaving April and May to console each other.

The Babe in the Woods by Robert Price: When the narrator unexpectedly finds an attractive woman naked and tied to a tree, he attempts to rescue her... that is until her foul mouth and bad attitude lead him to cut switches instead of her restraints.

The Birching Table by Neil Dominik: When retired Detective Chief Inspector Derek Hodgkinson finds the police museum has been broken into, he calls his old friend Inspector Irene Reynolds. Together they watch the CCTV and see a woman, dressed as a schoolgirl, bent over the bench and getting birched by an older man.

A Gypsy Curse by Carly Burton: Emily is an honest, but oh-so-annoying woman. After she angers a fortune teller, she appears to have been cursed to cheat, incur punishment, and submit to it willingly... but is all as it seems?

Special Sentencing by Guy Spencer: Drew makes a terrible choice after being stopped for speeding: she takes off, resisting arrest. Her best option to avoid jail time and possibly losing her job, is to request 'special sentencing' instead. Severe corporal punishment is administered by a sexy officer named Rod - an experience that becomes memorable for both of them.

Liz and the Principal by Kirk Machs: When Liz's husband leaves on an extended business trip, she neglects the family affairs. Their twin daughters face expulsion from school, and Liz must make the nerve-wracking trip to see her former Principal. A baker's dozen of the cane breathes new life into her and sets her pained marriage back on track.

Two for the Price of One by Charles Pangbourne: Jane and her daughter, Alison, are both attracted to their new neighbour, John. After Alison earns a spanking by entering his house without permission for the second time, Jane goes to see John, but it's not to protest but to apologise. One thing quickly leads to another and soon Jane is on the receiving end of a spanking herself.

Siobhan Kelly & the Montana Man by Bill Board: Police detective Siobhan is a tough and capable woman but when she wakes up with some odd aches and pains the morning after a wedding and realises that she can't remember the night before, it soon becomes apparent that she may well have met her match. It seems a stranger 'rescued' her but she was less than grateful and now has to 'pay' for her misbehaviour with a hundred spanks.

A Knight's Tale by Tom Redden: Freelance photographer, Raquel, determined to take photos in a restricted area, defies the park ranger's orders to stay away for her own safety. When she gets herself stranded in an avalanche of rocks, it is the ranger who comes to her rescue. Afterwards, though, he puts her over his knee for a well-deserved spanking. When she invites him back to her place for dinner they both realise this is the start of a wonderful relationship.

Janie Goes to the Doctor by Katie Bradford: Janie's visit to the doctor turns out to be rather painful. After refusing to have her temperature taken anally and upsetting the nurse, Doctor Franklin spanks and then paddles her for her bad attitude and not sticking to her diet.