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Discipline with Love
By: Geraldine Hillis

Published: Apr 20, 2013
Words: 19,099
Orientation: M/F
Category: domestic discipline, romance
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Price: $2.99
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Three spanking tales:

Discipline with Love
As Joanna stands facing the wall awaiting her first punishment and wondering whether she will be able to go through with it, she thinks back to how it all started - the auspicious day she typed the word 'spanking' into a search engine. She remembers how she and Graeme first communicated by email, then phone, and finally agreed to meet which was a case of falling in love on sight. She recalls the day she learned the difference between erotic spanking and real punishment. Her mind made up, she removes her panties and relives the events of the last few days, which have culminated in her standing here. She feels sick with dread as Graeme unbuckles his belt. Will their love survive this most testing time?

Farmer's Girl
Desperate for money in the aftermath of World War I, Maisie's parents are forced to put her into service in Scotland. Her father tells Mr Gavin Hamilton that she might need 'a lick of the strap' now and then to help her pay attention to her work. Maisie is to be punished for inattention to her duties, but an accident causes Gavin to change his plans for her. Maisie's dreamy ways constantly lead to her getting into trouble, and Gavin is astounded by her actions when he tells her to prepare for punishment. Maisie takes a hard strapping, and Gavin discovers there is far more to her than meets the eye!

Sisters in Crime
Kathy arrives to spend a whole month with her older sister, Lindsey and her husband Ben. Kathy is fun but chaotic and Ben is known for being strict. Less than a day later Kathy is in big trouble. She borrowed and damaged her sisters car and has been arrested for having no license. Ben takes both women home from the police station. Much to Kathy's amazement, her sister is put over her husband's knee and spanked thoroughly and it's her turn next! After receiving her first adult spanking she decides that she hopes to find a husband just like Ben. A week later Ben invites a friend over for dinner. A single, male friend called Peter who also believes that at times a good spanking can be very effective indeed. He deals with Kathy, in the time honoured way!
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