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Swish... Thwack! - Volume 3
a collection of adult caning stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: Apr 01, 2016
Words: 24,635
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This collection of adult caning tales features the following short stories:

Caned in Saudi Arabia by Mike London: An English air hostess and her two Saudi friends are caught with alcohol at a party in Saudi Arabia. Justice is swift and the girls are soon repenting their folly. The English girl is forced to watch her two friends being caned before she herself is brought forward.

Keeping the Staff in Line by Clifford Dorset: In this ribald tale of office discipline, the female staff are regularly caned for poor performance by their employer, Mr Godfrey, an activity which is usually followed by sex.

The Cheating Wife by Ryan Rowland: Steve, a struggling private eye, is hired by a client who suspects that his wife is cheating on him. Once confirmed, he is offered a substantial additional fee to cane her as punishment. She agrees to the caning, and Steve is aroused by the sight of her striped bottom, but his detective instincts are aroused, too.

Maid for Another Day by James Simpson: Having moved back to Hampshire, bored wife Louise re-establishes her friendship with Alex and his punishment room. She experiences the cane and subsequent lovemaking, and arranges to meet for a taste of the birch.

Mary Jones by Rob Burton: Running late for work, Mary breaks a vase but doesn't have time to clear up. When she gets home that night she discovers her husband has mistakenly slippered their daughters, believing that they were to blame. Later, Mary admits it was her, and the following morning is caned by her husband.

Collision Caning by Angela Stone: When Jenny crashes her husband's Mercedes, which she is not insured to drive, she is taken to the local hospital where her husband works. Once fully recovered back home, he subjects her to six of the best with his dragon cane.

Lakeside House by J Wackford Colton: When Jeff asks his wife why she has bad memories of the house they are intending to buy, she tells the story of how her childhood friend, Paula, betrayed her, which led to her being caned by Paula's father.