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The Dominant Cowboy - Volume 4
tales of western romance
By: Leigh Smith

Published: Mar 08, 2016
Words: 28,699
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance
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Price: $3.49
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If ruggedly handsome alpha male cowboys taming wilful women by turning them over their knee for a spanking is your thing, you'll love this collection which features the following five tales of western romance:

Meredith Meets Her Match: When Madge asks ranch owner Chad to do her a favour by allowing her nephew's youngest daughter Meredith to come and stay with them on Bar None ranch, he has no idea of the mayhem that will erupt on her arrival. Twenty-year-old Meredith has been hanging around with the wrong sort of friends, refusing to get a job, and generally getting into trouble. She arrives at the ranch with piles of luggage and an attitude to boot, and is not happy when informed she's expected to pull her weight and share some of the chores. Chad gets pretty tired of her sass and smart remarks, and is constantly distracted when she parades around in her skimpy outfits; he is very tempted to take her over his knee and give her a good spanking. However, the two of them talk and Chad asks her out on a date. Later, they go to a barn dance and Chad finds he gets jealous as Meredith dances with other guys. Meredith leaves the dance early, and the next morning Chad confronts her and gives her a spanking. Will there be a future for this couple...?

Learning the Ropes: Feature writer, Paula Evans, is assigned to visit the Sage Springs Ranch and write about the experience and is accompanied by her friend, Joanna. Pretending to be merely a tourist, she soon finds herself attracted to Jace, one of the ranch owner's sons, and it is clear that the feeling is mutual. When Joanna has to leave unexpectedly, Paula is left to her own devices, and ends up spending a night under the stars with Jace. However, when Paula confesses that she's not been entirely honest about her reason for visiting the ranch, Jace decides that a good old-fashioned spanking is in order.

The Cowboy Finds a Home: There's a new cowboy in town. His name is Luke Madison and he's hot, and a member of a popular country western band. But since the death of his friend, he now is guardian to a little girl called Sally Ann, and because he wants her to have stability in her life, he's purchased 320 acres of ranch and farmland. Gradually, Luke begins sorting his life out, firstly by hiring a reliable housekeeper called Darcy, and hiring a former rodeo cowboy to help fix up the ranch and keep things running smoothly while Luke is on tour with the band. Life gets even better when he meets Helen and they start a relationship... but when Helen is deliberately naughty and provocative, Luke knows just how to deal with her... he gives her a good spanking.

The Hired Help: Tanner Walker, the owner of a small horse ranch in Colorado, is surprised when he finds the 23-year-old Raeanne hiding in his barn. He hears how she'd been travelling to California when she'd had her money stolen and been left stranded. Tanner offers her a position as his hired help but it's not long before the pair take advantage of their mutual attraction and begin a relationship. All seems to be going well until Tanner's daughter, Carly, comes to stay for the summer...

Sadie and the Texas Ranger: Following her mother's death, Sadie is left with the onerous task of doing all the household chores for her father and brothers, with any sass likely to result in a strapping from her father. But when she brings home a young Indian girl who's about to give birth she ends up meeting John Marshall, a tall, handsome Texas Ranger. Despite her feisty attitude, John asks her father for permission to marry her, but Sadie is less than co-operative, throwing a series of objects at his head when they next meet! It looks like John has his work cut out if the marriage is to go ahead...