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By the Hand of the Devil
and other spanking tales
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Jun 22, 2016
Words: 25,493
Orientation: M/F
Category: general, fantasy
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Price: $2.99
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This volume contains the following works of spanking fiction:

By the Hand of the Devil: This is a 3-part story comprising The Devil Made Me Do it; The Devil, the Vicar and Melanie; and The Devil Returns.

The Devil, who is having a holiday and looking for some fun, persuades the church caretaker and handyman, Old Tom, to spank several of the local women in the churchyard. The vicar, however, is able to find alternative employment for him which infuriates the Devil. He then persuades the vicar to spank two of his female parishioners: one for being a poor wife to her husband and the other for indulging in village gossip. Finally, the Devil tries to persuade the vicar to spank his fiance but he refuses, saying that she is a good girl. Later, though, she loses her temper and pours whisky over his sermon, which results in him putting her over his knee and paddling her bare bottom.

Rescue: Whilst walking on the moors with a storm looming, Rachel comes to the rescue of another young woman, trapped after a fall. Returning Annie to her old-fashioned, loving but strict household, she witnesses Annie willingly accept chastisement from her father. In the days that follow, Rachel reconsiders her own life and options.

The Wish Fulfiller: This is a 3-part story comprising The Wish; Another Wish; and The Best Wish.

At seventeen, Sally is frustrated that her parents are too tolerant and set her no boundaries. She wishes they would be much stricter and discipline her when necessary. Following a chance encounter with a mysterious lady in the park, it looks like her wish has come true, and when she comes home late from a party she was forbidden to attend, she is subject to a hand spanking followed by a caning.

Later, Sally has two of her friends, Betty and Kathy, come visit for a sleepover. It seems they too wish they were spanked, and their wishes also appear to be granted when, having disturbed Sally's parents throughout the night, all three are soundly spanked by Sally's father the next morning. Furthermore, they are both given an additional spanking when they get home, Kathy getting the slipper from her father and Betty on the receiving end of her mother's hairbrush.

The wish fulfiller then turns her attention to Alison, the teacher of the three girls. She wishes her boyfriend was less of a gentleman and their relationship is subsequently transformed when he takes her to bed for the first time. The next morning, however, she is moody and guilt-ridden, but her boyfriend is having none of it and takes her over his knee for a sound spanking with his hand and then later a wooden spoon.