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Women who Spank Men: Volume 15
domestic F/M femdom stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: Feb 06, 2016
Words: 24,748
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This volume in the Women who Spank Men series contains another diverse collection of domestic femdom spanking tales:

Something Wicked by Pat Jones: Charles Martin is a Headmaster who enjoys his job, especially punishing naughty schoolgirl bottoms. But, suddenly, he finds he is an 18-year-old schoolboy again being called to the Headmistress' office for discipline. It seems that three of the naughtiest girls are now in charge and about to show no mercy as naked, he is spanked and severely humiliated at their hands.

Peeping John by Angie Johnson: John is rather taken with his strict neighbour, Carrie, the local high school Principal. However, he is shy, so instead of asking her out, he spies on her sunbathing in the nude from his window, even going as far as to photograph her. When the window falls on him, trapping him in an embarrassing position, Carrie takes full advantage and, armed with several newly cut switches, teaches him a lesson.

Learning to Communicate by Anthony Alba: When Kevin's wife Alice, discovers his hidden collection of femdom spanking videos, it looks at first like their marriage may be over. However, it seems his wife may have similar interests to his own. Sent to the spare room and made to wear a schoolboy outfit, it looks like his dreams are about to come true.

The Accidental Flasher by Robert Price: Jason, a would-be press photographer, is himself snapped by two women when relieving himself in some woodland. The two threaten to report him to the police unless he accepts a switching from them both, which he does, but are his troubles at an end?

Caller ID and the Get-Together by PJ Manners: When a woman receives an unsettling phone call from a strange man, she traces the phone number through caller ID and reaches Natalie, the office manager for a local insurance company. She discovers that the inappropriate call came from Ray, one of their male employees who has a history of sexually harassing other women. A get-together is organised by the office supervisor where she plans that Ray will be spanked by the woman he offended.

The Brothers by Shaun Kelly: Brothers Tom and Doug are more similar than they realize. While stuck in traffic on their way to a baseball game, Tom confides to his younger brother that a domestic discipline arrangement exists in his marriage. After he admits that his wife straps him for misbehaviour, he is shocked to learn that Doug experiences a similar marital relationship - one involving hairbrush spankings.