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Four Mail Order Brides
western romance novellas box set
By: Abigail Armani, Rue Chapman, India Heath, Jocelyn Cross

Published: Nov 24, 2015
Words: 133,907
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance, historical
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Price: $9.99
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With over 130,000 words in total, this box set which includes best selling titles, features four mail order bride novellas packed with romance, adventure, spanked sassy females and the hunky cowboys who tame them.

Mail Order Mayhem by Rue Chapman: Isabella has grown up with a wealthy father who doted on her. But after his death she loses everything: her home, clothes, beloved piano, and her fianc. In desperation she answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride out West. The stage coach trip is rough, but what happens when she arrives is rougher still. Bella is kidnapped by Zeke Warner, sworn enemy of the man she was supposed to marry as a mail-order bride. Zeke takes her to a dilapidated cabin in the woods. When she tries to escape, she discovers the price to be paid for a woman who disobeys a man. However, Bella does not marry the man to whom she was promised - she marries Zeke instead, and learns that she is taken to the woodshed and punished when she disobeys. This is a story full of passion and adventure and the spark between two people that blossoms into love.

Mail Order Mary by Abigail Armani: When Sir Henry informs his daughter, Mary, that he has arranged for her to marry the odious Marquess of Stirling, she refuses. She escapes by taking the place of Ruby, and boards a steamship destined for America, with the knowledge that Ruby had been corresponding with Isaiah Bean, a handsome American advertising for a wife. But on arriving in America, Mary is robbed. Furthermore when she finally finds Isaiah, she is sorely disappointed. It is Nathan Miller who comes to her aid - a giant of a man with a kind heart and smouldering good looks. He takes her home to his Montana ranch, and her life changes forever. But the spirited Mary is not used to doing as she is told, and it isn't long before the big cowboy puts her over his knee for a spanking... and as time goes by, the attraction between them grows. For the first time ever, Mary feels she belongs somewhere - and to someone.

Mail Order Mischief by India Heath: Twins, Eden and Sierra, may be identical in looks, but not in temperament. While the domesticated Eden is happy to be a homemaker, Sierra is unhappy with her parents' suggestion that she should marry. Eden has fallen in love with the handsome Brett Sutherby. But when Sierra finds out that her sister had previously been writing to Montana rancher Beau Rivers and had agreed to marry him, she is rather taken with his photograph, and has an idea... Beau is delighted when his mail order bride turns up, and turns a blind eye to the fact that she's a lousy cook and keeps the place like a pigsty, but takes her over his knee for a spanking when she continues to sass him. And when the deception is eventually revealed, both sisters get their comeuppance from husbands who love them but won't stand any nonsense!

His Mail Order Bride by Jocelyn Cross: The year is 1870 and Elizabeth struggles to survive, but her despondency lifts when she starts exchanging letters with Jeremiah Pickens. She learns that after the civil war he built a homestead in Greybull, Wyoming, his cattle ranch at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains. Jeremy wants a wife to share his life with. Elizabeth is delighted by his photograph for he is a handsome man. She is even more delighted when he proposes marriage and sends her money for her journey. However, used to being independent, she is peeved by the rules Jeremy outlines to help keep her safe in the wilderness. Before long she breaks them and learns he deals with such infractions by spanking her bottom.