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A Visit to the Headmaster
and other schoolgirl spanking tales
By: Paul Jackson

Published: Nov 13, 2015
Words: 36,523
ASIN: B017Y39P3S
Orientation: M/F, F/F
Category: school
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Price: $3.49
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This book contains the following three fictional stories depicting the corporal punishment of schoolgirls:

A Visit to the Headmaster: It's assembly at Grayfriars school and the Headmaster, dressed in traditional mortarboard and gown, is not in the best of moods. He calls out the names of eight sixth form girls, including two prefects, who are to report to his study immediately. Later, the girls are called in one by one; the first six receive the cane on their hands whilst the final two are made to touch their toes and are caned on their bottoms.

When the New Embraces the Old: Mr Wymark, often referred to as 'Whacker' Wymark, is one of the old guard of teachers at Grays Academy. Close to retirement, he is finding Class 12C particularly disruptive and, on learning that Demi Pearce, the best-looking girl in the sixth form, has not done her assignment, instructs her to remain behind after class. Bent over his desk, Demi receives a painful slippering, but at the beginning of her punishment Mr Wymark is shocked to discover she is wearing almost transparent panties. The following day, Miss Charles, the recently appointed no-nonsense Headmistress, is the one handing out the punishment when she administers a prolonged bare bottom hand spanking to another sixth form girl.

The Further Education of Miss Mathews: Eighteen-year-old Amanda Mathews is lazy, disrespectful, and frequently rude towards her ageing neighbour, especially when he rightly complains about the loud rock music she plays. Having little interest in her dead end job, she enrols at the Fraser Further Education College but frequently doesn't attend lectures, and fails to complete her assignments. Her luck runs out when she is caught passing counterfeit bank notes and, rather than be reported to the police, she accepts two sessions of corporal punishment from the Principal: an over the knee hand spanking followed by the tawse, and later a bare bottomed caning. For the latter, she is held in place by the Principal's assistant, Miss Hills.

Publisher's Note: While the stories in this book have a school setting, all of the characters are aged eighteen or over.