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The Spanking Adventures of Butterfly McKendrick
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Oct 22, 2015
Words: 16,748
ASIN: B0170C5V8G
Orientation: M/F
Category: fantasy
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Price: $2.99
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When 18-year-old Butterfly McKendrick visits her uncle, a brilliant but rather eccentric inventor, she discovers he has created a Fiction Insertion Device that allows the user to insert themselves into any work of fiction. She tries it briefly with A Christmas Carol, but back home again she uses it on the kind of story she really likes: spanking fiction! Inserting herself into 'Kane Court School' she finds herself dressed in full school uniform at a boys' boarding school that has recently begun to admit girls to its sixth form. Here she discovers that the cane and slipper are in frequent use by both teachers and prefects, and quickly finds herself on the receiving end of both. After a failed attempt to lose her virginity with the incredibly handsome head boy, David, she extracts herself from the story.

A week later, Butterfly uses the device again to insert herself into 'Blushing Bots for Blushing Brides' where she meets the Rev. Jack who spanks her for putting herself in danger. She accepts the job of Parish Secretary and gets to witness Rev. Jack spank a whole series of penitent women. After a while, Butterfly realises she has fallen in love with him and, despite spanking her bare bottom with a hairbrush for dressing inappropriately in church, he asks her to marry him. Rushing home, she consults her uncle regarding the consequences should she decide to accept... what will she decide to do?
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