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The Rancher's New Bride
a tale of plural matrimony
By: Wayne Gray

Published: Oct 18, 2015
Words: 34,814
Orientation: M/F
Category: domestic discipline, western, romance
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Price: $3.49
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Bonnie embarks on a new and exciting phase of her life as she travels to Texas to visit handsome rancher Joseph Grant and his two wives, Linda and Rosemary. Bonnie is no stranger to the Grant ranch, but this visit is very different because for the next two weeks she will be courted by Joseph, who has the intention of making 18-year-old Bonnie his third wife. Bonnie is very keen to get to know her prospective husband and her sister wives better, and as a devout Mormon girl, she is fully accepting of the plural marriage lifestyle and keen to become a part of it. She quickly settles into life at the ranch and soon discovers that Joseph has much to teach her. He will not take her virginity until their wedding night, but the two of them enjoy kissing and intimate touching... a whole new revelation to the sexually inexperienced Bonnie. She also learns that this plural lifestyle also embraces corporal punishment. Joseph has no hesitation in providing loving discipline and spanks his wives for their infractions... and even though Bonnie is not yet his wife, she too is subject to the same disciplinary regime. Over time, Bonnie soon learns to distinguish between punishment spankings and the fun sort - which she enjoys very much. Romance blossoms; she loves Joseph and his other wives and fully embraces the prospect of sharing her future husband.

Note: the fundamentalist Mormon religious sect depicted in this story is fictional.