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The Doctor and Her Rancher
By: Leigh Smith

Published: Aug 29, 2015
Words: 35,665
ASIN: B014LP289A
Orientation: M/F
Category: western, romance
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Price: $3.99
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After 35-year-old Lauren Bancroft's parents are killed in a helicopter crash, she decides to leave her medical practice in LA and take up the position of town doctor at Carsonville, a small township in Montana with views of the majestic Rocky Mountains. On arrival she is greeted by the tall, handsome rancher, Trace Connors, chairman of the town council and owner of the Double Pines Ranch.

It seems to be love at first sight and, after a little initial uncertainty, both succumb to their mutual attraction and end up in a passionate sexual relationship. Later, Trace introduces Lauren to his sister, Cory, and her husband, Flynn. She learns that the couple have what Trace refers to as a 'traditional marriage' that features domestic discipline. Cory is spanked by her husband whenever he deems it necessary which seems to be quite often. What's more, it soon becomes clear that Trace would like the same kind of arrangement!

Lauren has a tendency to be a little reckless and, when she puts herself in serious danger, Trace puts her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom. As their relationship deepens and their love for each other grows, they decide to move in together. A few more spankings follow, some for disciplinary purposes but others for pleasure, including a birthday spanking.

Eventually, Trace proposes and everything seems to be going according to plan until the day he sets off for the jewellers, intending to surprise Lauren with a wedding ring on Thanksgiving. But then suddenly something unforeseen happens that could jeopardise their happiness...