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Women who Spank Men Box Set 3
By: LSF Publications

Published: May 13, 2015
Words: 95,274
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $8.99
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This box set is not to be missed! It is a must for all men who love the idea of going over the lap of a strict woman for a dose of good old-fashioned discipline.

It contains FOUR books of F/M stories from volumes 9 through to 12 of the Women who Spank Men series. For a specially discounted price you get 29 HOT-bottomed stories, totalling well over 95,000 words describing the many creative ways that stern women chastise and punish deserving men under their control!

Who says women are the weaker sex? Not in these stories, they're not! On the contrary, these women are in control and they mean business. Take Stuart's boss, Miranda - she keeps an eighteen-inch long wooden paddle in her desk - and she knows how to use it too. Then there's John, put in the corner by his wife and disciplined by his in-law. The tables are turned in another relationship, where Edward finds himself on the receiving end of wife Carla's new leather strap. And what happens to William when he reverses into a parked car owned by his former teacher? He gets spanked of course!

This fabulous box set contains many other terrific tales to entertain misbehaving men. Grab yours today!