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Scenes of Domestic Discipline: Book 2
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Jun 21, 2015
Words: 24,156
ASIN: B0103JK9V2
Orientation: M/F
Category: domestic discipline
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Price: $2.99
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This second volume of stories by Susan Thomas, based around the common theme of domestic discipline, features the following stories:

Discipline for Alison: Arriving home from school, Alison realises that her policeman father will not be happy at her rudeness to the headmistress who, in her view, had bullied younger girls. He overrides her objections and delivers a severe strapping, followed later that evening with a traditional reinforcement spanking, after which she is forced to spend time in the corner like a child. Some days later, her mother seems intent on disrupting family relations by detailing events to her grandparents. Roused to respond in a temper, the 23-year-old once more brings down her father's wrath and suffers the consequences.

Honeymoon: Spanked by her father as a child, Kathy knows she wants to marry a man who will be the head of the household, and spank her when necessary. She meets the ideal man and they marry. On honeymoon, in a hotel where domestic discipline is practised, she receives her first spanking from her new husband, followed a few days later by a true disciplinary spanking with public corner time. She knows, though, that she made the right choice of husband.

Always Friends: Kate, who is visiting her friend, Amy, overhears her being spanked and caned by her husband, Peter, and then making love soon afterwards. But as children, Kate and Amy shared everything, and Kate feels that she too should be disciplined by Peter, but it appears that's not all she will share...

When in Rome: When Joy's dad marries a much younger American woman, her family emigrate to the USA. Although over 18, Joy still attends school, and willingly agrees to be paddled if she breaches the rules. What she doesn't realise, however, is that the local customs dictate 'paddled at school, paddled at home'. Her dad doesn't agree to this, but when Joy gets an unanticipated paddling at school, neighbour Mr Groves is only too happy to assist.

Thank You: As a means of improving her time management, Sue agrees that she will be spanked by Ken if she fails to meet 95% of her appointments and deadlines on time. When she later comes up short of the mark, she finds herself bare-bottomed over Ken's lap and being disciplined by hand, hairbrush and his leather belt.
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