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Scenes of Domestic Discipline: Book 1
By: Susan Thomas

Published: May 06, 2015
Words: 24,323
Orientation: M/F, (F/F)
Category: domestic discipline
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Price: $2.99
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This first volume of stories by Susan Thomas, based around the common theme of domestic discipline, features the following stories:

Crossing the Line: A shy but attractive lady embarks on a Norwegian cruise featuring the entertainment theme of 'Crossing The Line' of the Arctic Circle, but with an exciting and unexpected twist. At thirty two years of age there were many lines in her life still needing to be crossed, but none more important than getting her first sound and thorough old-fashioned spanking. Unbeknownst to her, however, a handsome traveller from America, with a firm understanding of old-fashioned discipline, also happens to be on board.

Looking Forward to the Morning: Tired and stressed out at work, Sally McNeill decides to take a break and catches the ferry over to France to spend some time in a gite she has rented. Following a rude outburst on the ferry, an unknown gentleman threatens her with a spanking. And when, by coincidence, she later runs into the very same man on her bicycle, it looks like the threat may become a reality.

Conversation: Out for a walk on the moors, Jacob asks Sarah to marry him. Sarah hesitates at first, and when questioned, confesses that she is scared of being spanked by him, having seen how severe Jacob's father is with his family. Jacob assures her he is not like his father, and when Sarah confesses to having broken curfew some years ago, she agrees to let him spank her.

A Day at the Beach: A young teacher tells of her first adult spanking when, during a day out at the beach with her bossy, opinionated boyfriend, she throws a bucket of water over him!

Good Girls: Although never having experienced corporal punishment while growing up, three eighteen-year-old 'good girls' decide to take a holiday in Greece, followed by a year during voluntary work for the church in Africa, before going on to University. In Greece, when a party gets out of hand, disturbing the local farmer and his wife, all three girls end up getting punished with a switch. The narrator later describes the caning and strapping that she receives at the hands of the headmaster and a senior female teacher at the African orphanage where she is volunteering. Later, now enrolled at university, she finds herself participating in the Castigat Project, a self-improvement plan involving corporal punishment, and it doesn't take long before she finds herself subject to a bare bottom spanking, administered by her tutor and his wife.
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