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Spanking Tales of the Unexpected
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Mar 06, 2015
Words: 25,462
Orientation: M/F (mainly)
Category: general
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Price: $3.49
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This collection of spanking tales, which feature elements of the unexpected in either plot or setting, contains the following stories:

Grandmother's Bed: Sally inherits a house from her Grandmother, but it comes with a strict warning to never sleep in the bed in one of the rooms. Sally ignores the warning and is shocked at events that occur during the night! She sleeps there twice more before realising that she may have discovered a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

School Daze: A group of five pupils try hard to get through a whole day at a strict girls' school without being punished ... but is all as it appears?

Resisting the Temptations of the Flesh: Determined that her children will not go without, a woman boosts her income by sleeping with men for money. One client, though, is somewhat different to the others. He wants the sex, but first he needs to punish her for her sins.

The Full Experience: Three women huddle close together in anticipation of their impending punishment by the Principal. As the last to be called, Mary has to listen to her predecessors' paddlings, which adds to her trepidation. The inquisitive schoolgirl who escorts her back to the car park is intrigued to discover what is meant by 'The Full experience'...

Civilised: She has apparently been found guilty and prosecuted for contravening the Space and Time Continuum Act. Although sentenced to a severe caning, she is informed that no actual physical contact with the cane will take place... just what will the 'civilised' alternative consist of?

The Study: The Woman walks down the corridor... unaware of where she is or how she got here, but she knows she is here to be punished. The Gentleman who will punish her summons many women using the power of their guilt, but is this woman different? Will she be the one who will share his work - and his bed? Before those questions can be answered she must first take the severe punishment that is due to her.

All Hallows Evening: A young schoolteacher spends Halloween with Sir John, the chairman of the school board, but inexplicable forces are at work, and she experiences a strange vision. Did Sir John share the vision? And could it become reality?

Strange: A young probationary teacher in an exclusive school is shocked that the Headmaster canes the girls. She knows he is strict, but when she is late for assembly she doesn't expect to be caned. Nor does she expect it to hurt as much as it does, nor the feelings she is left with.
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