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Women in Charge: Book 1
tales of female domination
By: Austin Carr

Published: Nov 05, 2014
Words: 25,986
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $3.49
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The volume contains five domestic femdom spanking tales in which dominant women mete out punishment to submissive men.

A Strapping in Place Of Seduction: The young college freshman, solitary by nature, finds himself fascinated by his mature colleague's account of how she intends disciplining her lazy teenage daughter. When she arrives at their place of work in the middle of the night bearing a long, black, leather strap and a set of handcuffs, he begins to wonder whether his original instincts were correct.

A Discovery at Lady Dee's: Forced to accept that his wife, Brianna, has no interest in spanking him, he regularly visits Lady Dee's Dungeon, a BDSM club where, unknown to his wife, he pays Dommes to satisfy his submissive needs. On this particular occasion, his usual Dommes are not available and after some initial reluctance he agrees to a session with Jade for the first time. She soon has him secured to a spanking bench and is putting a long, thin, wooden paddle to good use when, much to his surprise, a third person enters the room...

The Substitute: When Cinde is no longer able to spank her husband, Steve, due to a shoulder injury, she calls Spanking Subs to see about using their services. Although sceptical at first, Steve's continued bad behaviour convinces Cinde to call in Stacy, one of the company's professional spankers. After a prolonged session with Stacy's hairbrush, Steve learns a lesson he won't soon forget.

Quick Correction: Ever since a well-meaning high school algebra teacher had jokingly threatened Brian with a good spanking, he has been intrigued by the idea and scouring professional spanking ads for a woman who could fulfil his needs in a domestic setting. When he finds an ad from a woman in her mid-40s offering a "quick correction" for $50 he plucks up the courage to pay her a visit, but is all as it seems...?

Unforeseen Consequences: Kyle has long had a fixation about needing a dominant woman as his wife. Not just any dominant woman would do though - she had to be a stern, imperious mistress who would take him to his limits and test him. Having secured Kyle to a spanking bench in his basement playroom, his current girlfriend, Barbara, is temporarily called away and in her hurry forgets to close the front door. Meanwhile, outside, Kyle's ex-girlfriend, Kyra, who has been stalking him, seizes the opportunity to investigate - what does the night hold in store...?