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Tales of Chastisement: Volume 6
By: Rick Marlowe

Published: Dec 28, 2014
Words: 24,355
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This sixth volume of stories includes another assortment of naughty females in need of disciplinary measures...

Sarah of the CSA: After a row with her husband, Janet calls the Central Spanking Administration. Unfortunately, the only agent they have available is Sarah Palmer - not the most experienced or efficient of agents. When she eventually arrives at the right address with the aim of spanking the husband, things do not go exactly to plan, and when Janet returns, she too is surprised by what occurs.

Performance Evaluation: Sophie is having her performance evaluation from Josh who is also her lover. Whilst she gains rewards for her sales performance, her routine work earns her a paddling. The cream on the cake is to follow!

Here's to You, Mrs. Purcell: Yvette takes a fancy to her daughter's boyfriend and plans to seduce him. They end up in her daughter's bedroom together, but things don't quite go according to plan.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Torte: Alex is struck by lightning whilst out jogging. She recovers in hospital but discovers that bodily contact produces a taste of food in her mouth, none of which she likes. Later, convalescing at her boyfriend's cabin, she finds that a spanking gives her a taste of her favourite dessert!

Like Father, Like Son: Sarah, a social worker at a care home has summoned Jake to remonstrate with his father who has the pernicious habit of smacking the bottoms of the old ladies. Unfortunately, his father does not mend his ways but Jake finds an unexpected solution to the problem.

Red is Santa's Favorite Color: In the spring, Dawn learns that neighbour, Matt, has more than a casual interest in her, specifically her bottom. By mid-summer, poolside talks turn toward spanking. Dawn's interest is whetted, but husband Joe fails to pick up on a birthday hint. At Christmas, Matt makes his move, spanking naughty elf Dawn in front of her husband and party-goers. Joe is incensed and takes matters into his own hands.

Red Moon: A young writer, in need of money, accepts a job to attend a spanking party, conduct interviews there and then receive her first ever spanking, all for Erotica magazine. The spanking is photographed and videoed and although very painful, makes her a lot of money, giving her time to write her book.

The Minister's Wife: Josh becomes increasingly close to the new Minister's wife, Nicole, even though they are both married. When they go away together on a business trip, she provokes him into spanking her and they are just about to take matters further when a rain shower of biblical proportions has them running for cover.

Light Fingers - Heavy Hand: Whilst browsing in a lingerie shop run by a man, Susan engages in a spot of shoplifting. Unable to pay for the items she has stolen, she reluctantly agrees to an over the knee spanking as a means of recompense. Following the spanking, it looks like Susan will have all the lingerie she needs.

Paintbrush: When Vera forgets to clean the paintbrushes yet again, Donnie finds an alternative use for one of them! His boss is coming over for dinner tomorrow and there is now no time to finish the decorating. He does, however, manage to paint his wife's bottom a fetching shade of red.

Schrdinger's Kat: Kat is regularly spanked by her physicist husband, Erwin, who wants to present a thought experiment that involves her being spanked, but she persuades him to focus on his cat instead.