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Spanking the Secretary's Bottom
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Aug 08, 2014
Words: 19,956
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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When Helen takes a job as a secretary at the prestigious Lady Alice school she is shocked and intrigued to discover that the headmaster, Dr Croft, canes the upper sixth girls. As her fascination with corporal punishment grows, she manages to get the headmaster to punish her for her own misdeeds - to their mutual satisfaction.

When a lucrative job offer comes up in government, Helen takes it, and makes the acquaintance of eligible bachelor, Crispin. The two become close, and Helen soon finds that Crispin canes far harder than Dr Croft ever did! It is not long before she becomes a regular visitor at Crispin's family home. The wealthy upper class family is headed by Crispin's father, the General, who takes discipline in the family very seriously, and does not hesitate to punish unacceptable behaviour.

Helen experiences two hard canings and a painful birching at the hands of the General. Yet in spite of the discipline, she feels more welcomed and loved by Crispin's family than by her own. As her relationship with Crispin deepens, a wedding is on the cards...
1 review:
Kia said...
Susan has woven an enthralling tail of a young womans journey from being bewildered to enticed and eventually working up the nerve to receive her first caning. Far from being put off by the undeniable pain of the experience, Helen continues to accept (and, dare I say, court) additional similar encounters with first her employer and then her fiance and his father.

I have to say I had a particular affinity to Helen- I could certainly relate to her struggles with diplomacy. I can imagine that the General will be a very positive influence on her future!

3 September 2016 20:04
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