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Tales of Chastisement: Volume 3
By: Rick Marlowe

Published: Jul 28, 2014
Words: 24,066
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $2.99
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This third volume of stories includes another assortment of naughty females in need of disciplinary measures...

Her Cheating Heart: Doug's girlfriend, Carissa, can't seem to stop herself from having affairs with other men. Can he find a way to keep her? And if he does, will she accept it.

Justice Served?: Alonzo Hawkey finds himself up in front of Judge Laura McHugh after he spanks his female neighbour for her noisy behaviour and ill manners. The judge has little choice but to find him guilty, however she decides that his community service will be of a very specialist nature!

Poolside: Brent meets his cousin and a former girlfriend at a pool party. The girls involve Brent in horseplay while he is studying, resulting in a double spanking! Sexual attraction becomes inevitable.

His Former Babysitter: After 12 years, Julie meets up with the boy, now a young man, whom she used to babysit. After dinner and a few drinks he invites her to his apartment. Julie is confident that she knows what he wants, but she is in for a surprise.

Infidelity: MariEllen has been unfaithful once too often, but before walking out on her Rick decides to give her a good hard spanking. Does this save the relationship?

What You Believe In: A property-management professional and a down-on-his-luck older man living in a vacant house have a spirited discussion concerning their beliefs. After ignoring his warnings about her language, Morgan learns firsthand about his commitment to one belief.

Wednesday Night Spanking: Mr Browning is an extremely busy business executive whose wife finds it difficult to fit in with his busy schedule, which results in a double appointment being made for her by efficient secretary Tanika. However, Mr Browning also has other duties to perform.

Henry Muller's Final Jest: Henry Muller is incensed by his nieces' lifestyles and regularly threatens to leave them out of his Will. He is usually talked around by his lawyer and on this occasion both share in Henry's wicked sense of humour. Then something unexpected happens.

Wish Fulfillment: Kirsten told Jay her secret fantasy some time ago but he never referred to it again until they found themselves alone in a big house for a few days. Kirsten finds herself playing the role of an 11 year old girl once again, as her fantasy becomes reality.

Weekend at the Wackatushee Inn: Audrey and Kendra's weekend away doesn't get off to a good start, as their hotel is closed when they arrive. Luckily a local man, Carp, sends them across the lake to the Wackatushee Inn. There they are shocked by the many rules, including having to clean their own rooms. They soon find out that the penalty for not obeying the rules is a trip over Mr Carpenter's lap. The question is, will they stay another night?

Let's Go to the Tape...: Stephanie goes to her cousin's wedding while her husband Sam stays behind to care for their sick child. Sam later receives a tape of the wedding reception that shows the indiscretions of his wife with another man at the wedding. Can Sam find a way to rejuvenate their marriage?