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Women who Spank Men: Volume 10
domestic F/M femdom stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: Mar 27, 2014
Words: 23,941
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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Spanking School by Stephen de Medici
Gloria teaches an adult evening class - her subject is erotic spanking! The ladies who turn up to Gloria's class are inexperienced in spanking, and they find the practical demonstrations very enlightening. The naked man in the corner is Gloria's husband John, and in no time he is over her lap getting a sound spanking. Then the ladies get their turn to spank him too. Gloria also insists each lady should know what a spanking feels like before they go home and practice on their husbands, so the class members spank each other and learn new techniques. John misses this as he waits at home for his wife to return and deal with him - but his mother-in-law turns up instead and metes out some well deserved discipline. As the course progresses, John greatly enjoys the humiliation and embarrassment of being spanked in front of an audience, and his bottom is introduced to hand, hairbrush, cane, slipper and wooden spoon...

This volume also includes the following short stories:

How I Control My Husband by John Asher
Simplicity by KD Pierre
Old School Blazer by Rod Cayenne
Tommy & the Strip Club by Katie Bradford
The New Headmistress by Clifford Dorset
Thomas's Halloween Treat by Angela Stone
My Life as a Housekeeper by Richard Gray