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Over Her Lap: Book 4
F/F femdom stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: Aug 12, 2014
Words: 24,640
Orientation: F/F
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This volume of stories will entertain and delight F/F aficionados.

The Mistress of the House by J Wackford Colton - Leslie and his unpleasant wife, Laura, are left a lot of money in a will, with the proviso that they live in the deceased man's house for one year. Leslie is very happy with the arrangement but his spoiled and awkward wife needs several severe lessons from the 'Mistress of the House' before truly appreciating what she has.

Crime and Punishment by Scott Temuujin - Leah is a bratty yet beautiful young woman of privilege who can do no wrong in Daddy's eyes. But after years of treating her stepmother with disrespect and disdain, things are about to change. When Rhonda catches her stepdaughter smoking marijuana, she finally asserts her authority over Leah. A much-deserved, bare-bottomed spanking teaches her a memorable lesson and opens the door to a new relationship with Rhonda.

Asking for It by Dave Caldewell - Belinda and Samantha were friends at college even though Sam was a wild child and always getting into trouble. On one particular holiday, Belinda was invited to spend a week at Sam's house. Unfortunately, on the first night, they both get drunk and are subsequently charged with shoplifting. Sam gets punished but the next morning Belinda asks Sam's parents to punish her in the same way.

Mrs Burr by Quentin Quillis - Her lover has always wanted to be able to see her face while she is being spanked. As a gift to him, she arranges a surprise, in the shape of Mrs. Burr, and he finds that his fantasy soon becomes a reality.

Michelle's Mistake by Alec Leamus - Michelle is lonely in a strange town and needs money. She is pleased when she meets Lorraine whom she knew at school, even though she had actually bullied the girl in the past. Lorraine seems to have forgiven her and offers her a job modelling a potential new school uniform. It turns out though that Lorraine has not forgiven her at all and Michelle finds herself over the other woman's knee, being spanked, in front of a crowd of people, before having to stand in the corner, red bottom on display!

With Thanks to Betty Brat by Stanlegh Meresith - While enjoying a weekend away in San Francisco, Dan and Susie visit a club, expecting to see the Four Tops. However, they soon discover that the venue, Power Exchange, is not at all what they were expecting. Having witnessed the on-stage caning of an audience member named Betty Brat by Mistress Kali, Dan and Susie discover they already have what they'd both been looking for.

The Dream by A. Christensen - Eighteen year old Leigh Anne feels that she is tasting freedom for the first time in her life when her mother permits her a few hours on her own in the Mall. An ill-considered purchase of clothes and late arrival at their rendezvous angers her mother who knows how to deal with such behaviour.