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Over Her Lap: Book 2
F/F femdom stories
By: LSF Publications

Published: Mar 14, 2014
Words: 24,058
Orientation: F/F
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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This volume of stories will entertain and delight F/F aficionados.

Sister Matthews' New Patient by Rachel Gordon - Ellen goes to see the practice nurse at the Health Centre, where it is revealed that Ellen's former husband took control of health issues and delivered a spanking where needed. Sister Matthews' decides to use the same methods. There is a growing attraction developing between the two women, and Ellen gets spanked again.

Peeping Skippy by Pat Jones - Mallory teases her mother into spanking her because she likes to torment Skippy and knows that he is watching. But the spanking is worse than she imagined as her mother decides to teach her a lesson.

Mistress Katrina by Mark Stevens - Bookshop assistant Christine knows what books the mysterious Katrina has ordered from her shop and is enthralled and excited by the subject matter. A meeting at a party allows them to discover a mutual interest. This leads to Christine submitting to and being punished by mistress Katrina.

The Texas Prison Paddling Scandal by Stanlegh Meresith - Kate, on an educational exchange in Texas, receives a letter in which her mother hopes that she behaves and avoids a paddling. Her father encloses an extract from a current affairs journal featuring an article about a notable college student who, fifty years previously, was personally responsible for severe Prison paddlings being banned in Texas.

The New Neighbour by Rob Burton - Lucy invites her new neighbour, Charlotte over to her house for a drink. Charlotte is horrified though when Lucy confronts her about spying on her daughter's spanking. There is only one fair way of dealing with this, then it is all finished... maybe!

Charlotte by Samantha Watson - Being the CEO's wife has many advantages but the opportunity to spank a young lady is not often one of them. At a club trip to Greece, Charlotte gets rather drunk and feels awful the next day, worried that she will have let her husband down and affected his chances at work. She confides in the boss's wife how guilty she feels and tells her that she was never disciplined as a child. Charlotte finds herself getting her first ever spanking the very next day.

Gone Away by Nancy Wing - Peter and Leisl meet in the city when she is only eighteen. They marry and move to his farm in the beautiful mountains. Leisl's greatest wish is to see the sea, her search leading her up the valley to a mysterious house of women. She is cared for and her desires gradually fulfilled - until a year passes and things change.