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Erin's Visit
By: Susan Thomas

Published: Oct 31, 2013
Words: 36,339
ASIN: B00GD200J0
Orientation: M/F
Category: general
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Price: $3.49
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Instead of going to University, Erin decides to go to America and stay with her Aunt Nicola and Uncle Jack, and work at the family business. Erin's mother has some misgivings as her churchgoing sister and brother-in-law live in a strongly religious area. Undeterred, Erin makes the trip, and discovers that she is now in a totally different environment and culture - because here in this devout Christian community, spankings are the norm. She finds that the church endorses physical chastisement and all the neighbouring houses have a church-approved spanking paddle hanging up in their homes. Erin realises her status as an unspanked 18-year old may mean she may not be popular with the other girls - so she takes steps to sign up to receiving regular spankings from her Uncle Jack. This is a rite-of-passage tale for Erin, who begins to learn the meaning of traditional discipline. She starts a relationship with local boy Josh who comes from an extremely strict family, and as their relationship develops, Erin grows in confidence and maturity and also learns more about the community in which she lives.
2 reviews:
Delyan said...
This story is amazing ! I hope that you'll continue the story or you'll make a new one like this or Erin's cuisin :)
Rating: (unrated)

9 May 2015 00:27
Alyalice said...
It is a perfectly enjoyable story, and leaves you eager for more, certainly. And you both like and feel sorry for Erin, always a plus. A few details are glossed over a bit (how Erin feels when she first realises she'll be baring her bottom, whether or not there's something creepy going on with the Pastor) but overall, I would recommend it.

27 June 2015 21:44
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