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Christmas Spanking: F/F Femdom Tales
By: LSF Publications

Published: Nov 29, 2013
Words: 48,587
Orientation: F/F
Category: xmas, femdom
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Price: $3.99
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Tawse under the Christmas Tree by Tara Black
Kathleen works as a PE teacher at a school in Fife, Scotland. She and her partner, Andrew, are in a meaningful relationship but one which, from Kathleen's perspective, lacks excitement. Her fantasies about corporal punishment come to a head when she innocently discusses the use of the tawse with colleague Mr. Andrew's and he suggests she pay a visit to the local makers of the Lochgelly tawse. On arrival at the Lochgelly firm, Kathleen is greeted by Mrs. Carstairs, a woman with considerable expertise and enthusiasm for the tawse as a disciplinary implement. The perceptive Mrs. Carstairs quickly establishes Kathleen's fascination and suggests that prior to purchasing a tawse, she should experience the effect first hand. Kathleen readily consents and is soon divested of her clothing, waiting apprehensively for the first stroke to land. Her initiation at the hands of Mrs. Carstairs is everything and more that she imagined. Three days before Christmas a tawse made especially for her is delivered. All that is needed now is to get Andrew to use it on her. But how will he react...?

This volume also includes the following Christmas stories:

An Unexpected Christmas by Rachel Gordon
Maddie's Christmas Surprise by Philip Bogart
Christmas Eve with Miss Johnson by Louise Watson
Christmas Has Come Early by Rachel Gordon
Twelve Spankings of Christmas by Frank Limadere
Lucy's Christmas Present by Lucinda Shanw
Home for Christmas by R G Chilton
Christmas Day by Louise Watson
Dear Santa by PJ Manners.

The stories Christmas Eve with Miss Johnson and Christmas Day have previously been published in The Trials of Caroline by Louise Watson.