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The Best Christmas Present Ever
By: LSF Publications

Published: Nov 28, 2013
Words: 34,117
Orientation: M/F
Category: xmas
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Price: $2.99
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The Best Christmas Present Ever by Alan Barr
A married couple discuss what Christmas presents to get for each other, the wife saying she would like him to choose something for her as a surprise. She also informs him that this year she has made a significant effort to get him something very unusual, in fact she is convinced that once he gets over the surprise, it will be the best Christmas present ever! The plot surrounding the mystery present escalates when his wife makes arrangements to go out on Christmas Eve, ensuring her husband is home alone and ready to open his special present early. The present - when she (an attractive young woman) arrives on the doorstep, accompanied by an explanatory note from his wife - is entirely unexpected and truly stunning! Later that night the wife asks if she has made her husband's wildest dreams a reality ... but the answer is not quite as expected. Someone will be eating their Christmas dinner whilst standing up...

This volume also includes the following Christmas stories and verses:

Gift of the Maggie by Art Zeeton
The Visitor by Richard Barrington
Santa's Surprise by Scott Church
My Name is Marigold by Fiona Blue
Santa Claus Special by Leigh Smith
Carol's Christmas by Rosanna Young
The Twelve Days of Christmas by Karl Quentin
Santa's Little Helper by DJ Black
Deep and Crisp and Even by Clifford Dorset
Christmas Presents by Dave Caldewell.