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F/M Spanking Games
By: Carlton Kristain

Published: Jun 19, 2013
Words: 25,417
Orientation: F/M
Category: femdom
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Price: $2.99
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Preparing to spank her boyfriend Rupert, Bonnie and her closest girl friend recall the discipline they meted out to large men at college. Rupert is determined to take a hard beating. Bonnie begins to enjoy it - and there is a tortuous twist at the end!

Counting to Twenty-One
There is little doubt that Rupert will be in trouble with the law both for being in the park after dark and for 'flashing' a woman police officer. He opts to take her punishment after which he is glad to accept a lift back home. The officer offers to help him explain to Bonnie, which brings even more pain!

Match or Pay
Coming late from a poker party, the husbands are forced to play a different card game, the rules of which involve them being spanked for losing ... and also for winning. Their wives and other females present eagerly await the finish.

Dreamland Express
Six friends gather at a beach-house. There follows a detailed description by the narrator of her husband's caning at the hands of her best friend.

Parker Brothers Paddling
Friends gather for an evening of Monopoly - with a difference. Not only dollars are required as payment for property, as the men in the company find out.

Hundred Rolls
The ladies are at it again, punishing their husbands Peter and Paul. They play the dice game Hundred Rolls... which earns them spanking points.

Triumph of the Forces of Evil
Paul has lost the bet with Brittany and now he has to pay the price - with a good, long, hard caning followed by some time over her knee with the bathbrush. Paul is going to be very, very sore and he still has his wife's strapping to look forward to before bed...

An LSF Publications Strictly Femdom e-book.