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Crisis at St Brides
corporal punishment in a school for girls
By: Theo Jones

Published: Jan 25, 2018
Words: 49,630
ASIN: B0798W187G
Orientation: F/f (mainly)
Category: school
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Price: $3.79
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Mrs Martins, Headmistress of St Brides Secondary School for Girls is puzzled by the sudden increase in the use of the slipper in the fourth and fifth forms. It is school policy to use moderate corporal punishment, but the record shows a huge increase in slipperings. Before too long, Mrs Martins discovers that the fifth form girls are determined to make their last term at school a memorable one. Their ringleader, Jeanie, devises 'Slipper Bingo', and the girls try to get slippered by every teacher in the school. A sweepstake is organised to see who gets punished the most... there is money to be made! Consequently, standards of behaviour decline drastically as the girls act up in order to deliberately get punished - but when Mrs Martins introduces the cane as well as the slipper, a few of the less stalwart girls drop out of the game. Jeanie however, discovers she actually enjoys being punished: the pain, the humiliation and the verbal chastisement all combine to give her a heady euphoria. Thus, the routines and rituals of school life are turned upside down by increased application of the cane on knickered bottoms; the naughtiest girls even get it on the bare, and the fearsome sounds of the swishing rattan echo down the corridors, accompanied by yelps and howls.

One of the characters is this book is Olga, who has come to the UK from an Eastern bloc country. Her backstory is described in Olga Returns to Her Teens: an age regression novella.