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The Consultant Headmistress
corporal punishment at the templeton academy for girls
By: Louis Woodley

Published: Jan 12, 2018
Words: 27,697
Orientation: F/Ff
Category: school
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Price: $2.99
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The girls at the Templeton Academy boarding school are out of control, constantly flaunting the rules and running amok. Discipline is lax or non existent, but this changes drastically when the Board appoint a temporary Headmistress who promises she will revive corporal punishment in the school, which will result in improved behaviour. Ms Duffy quickly establishes herself as a formidable woman and strict disciplinarian who is an expert at wielding the cane on deserving bare bottoms, and those pupils who have really messed up are punished in front of the entire school.

School life is very different under the new regime: prefects and teachers are allowed to punish pupils for the smallest infraction, and the prefects carry their paddles everywhere and put them to good use. The teaching staff soon get into the swing of things, and there are sore bottoms galore as Ms. Duffy's wicked cane imparts its vicious sting on the howling recipients... who then begin to make an effort to behave themselves in order to avoid further punishment.
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