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Spanked Mothers! - Book Two
By: Peter Martin

Published: Jan 09, 2018
Words: 25,344
Orientation: F/F, F/f, F/M
Category: role reversal
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Price: $2.99
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In the world of domestic discipline it's not unusual for disciplinary spankings to be handed out by mothers, but in these deliciously twisted stories of role reversal it's the mothers themselves who generally find that they're on the receiving end of a soundly caned, or well-spanked bottom, sometimes even from their own daughters!

A Pre-emptive Parental Punishment: After 13-year-old Marsha Pike is unfairly spanked in school by the strict Mr Goodson, her mother, Valerie, invites him to visit, and ends up taking him over her knee for a spanking. Summoned to see the Headmistress, Mrs Pike is surprised to learn that it is her behaviour - not her daughter's - that is the topic of conversation, and though a grown woman in her 30s, she finds herself bent over the desk for a bare bottom caning. In addition, a spanking at school means another at home, and 33-year-old Valerie goes over her own mother's knee for her second spanking of the day.

The School Event: Linda and Sonia, both mothers in their forties, had decided to go to the 1950s School Event as pupils whilst Linda's daughter, Nikki and her friend Samantha were attending as teachers. All those attending as pupils were virtually guaranteed to get a spanking during the 2-day event and Nikki ends up caning her own mother. Later, mother and daughter agree that this disciplinary regime will continue once they're back home again.

One to One: When her daughter's university admission is inadvertently jeopardised by the Headmistress, Heather Young, head of the Parent Teacher Association, holds her accountable and takes her over her knee for a bare bottom spanking with a wooden spatula. When Heather and her daughter, Lucy, meet the Headmistress 3 weeks later, however, it's a very different story, and both mother and daughter are given six of the best for Lucy's failure to hand in her homework on three separate occasions.
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